Ubuntu Tablet and PhoneJust a few weeks after revealing their smartphone OS, Canonical is continuing its mission to create a “unified experience for all personal computing” with today’s announcement of Ubuntu for tablets.

The famous South African company feels that the last stage in its four-screen strategy (smartphones, tablets, TV and Desktop) is now ready for the limelight and has released a video of the software in action. The clip is embedded right after the break.

Ubuntu for tablets

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Ubuntu's Side stage is definitely what attracted me the most about Ubuntu's tablet interface, it seems to be very intuitive and finally brings true multitasking to the tablet. This combined to magic edges which let you control any aspect of the system without using a home button is truly a big plus.

I have to admit that I hate Unity on a Desktop, this is why i use KDE 4.9 on both CentOS and Linux Mint, but ubuntu's specific interface find is real place inside those 2 mobiles systems.
For the first I might consider buying a tablet.

The tablet OS will be made available to developers and enthusiasts at the exact same time as the smartphone preview on February 21st.

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